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How often have you been overwhelmed with domestic and international tour đi thái lan packages while planning a holiday trip? The moment you start making inquiries with different tour companies regarding possible trip ideas, a bunch of holiday packages land in your mailbox. However, checking each and every itinerary and finding a robust holiday plan with your thought of budget tour is a tedious job. From selecting a place, working out the whole package which comprises of your passions and interests, ensuring the vacation is after all within your budget, to ultimately making a booking - the holiday company sometimes undermines the legwork which goes into planning that ideal vacation trip.

In this article, you can have an idea regarding the top 10 international and domestic budget tour packages to plan your trip accordingly. Let's read them one by one:

International Budget Tour Packages
1. Greece Honeymoon Package

The warm water, blue sky, and some romantic getaways in the form of islands make Greece a tempting destination for the newlyweds. The best part is you can book a honeymoon trip to Greece according to your budget. A Greece honeymoon package can arrange accommodations in budget hotels and in a luxurious villa also. The package also incorporates car rentals, spa therapies, candlelit dinners, and complimentary room decorations. If you plan a budget honeymoon at the end of summer, you must grab this package.

2. Bali-Indonesia Holiday Package

Bali is a unique and mesmerizing place which is covered by lots of islands, spectacular beaches, gorgeous waves, and exceptionally beautiful natural sites. Aside from nature, you will be enchanted by the magnetism of this place. From warm friendly locals, gifted artists, to colorful ceremonies - you will get everything to explore in a budget-friendly Indonesia-Bali holiday package. As per your budget, you can go for shopping and tasting the lovely local cuisine.

3. Kathmandu Holiday Package

Kathmandu is a must-visit place if you are seeking one of the cheapest tour packages while planning a trip abroad. Here you can explore the high Himalayan Mountains, icy glaciers, ancient history, tiny houses, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, artistic monuments, and diverse culture. This Land of Lord Buddha produces a noteworthy mixture of culture and people and provides a great diversity of cultural and ethnic groups.

4. Maldives Honeymoon Package

The Maldives was formed by the deep blue of the massive expanse of the Indian Ocean and more than thousands of reefs. The unique, sunny and unspoiled Maldives is an incredible place to enjoy your honeymoon cost-effectively. You can explore almost 1190 coral islands if you go for this honeymoon package.

5. Dubai Tour Package

If you are going on an international tour for the first time, a family-special Dubai package can suit your budget preferences. Dubai is known for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping, a vibrant nightlife, etc. Remember not to go to this city during holidays or any block out date to avoid extra expenditure.

Domestic Cheapest Tour Packages
6. Andaman Holiday Package

Choose an Andaman holiday package that contains a trip to Port Blair and Havelock Island. Port Blair is one of the most beautiful and exotic places which are known for its serene beauty, coastal beaches, eye-catching vistas, and incredible marine life. The beautiful sandy beaches of Havelock Island are also worth visiting. You must grab this package to explore some breathtaking beaches.

7. Darjeeling-Kalimpong Tour Package

In case you are looking for a heavenly retreat in the northeast region of India, Darjeeling is the best place to enjoy a pocket-friendly tour đi thái lan this summer. Green tea gardens, exotic forests, flaming red rhododendrons, enchanting hillsides, sparkling white magnolias, a brilliant azure sky covered by specks of clouds will definitely make you fall in love with this Queen of Hill Stations. Book a Darjeeling-Kalimpong tour package for a budget-friendly tour đi thái lan.

8. Gangtok Holiday Package

Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim is another place to explore a budget tour. Here you will get a spectacular view of Kanchenjunga and an amazing mixture of Tibetan culture. It's a cosmopolitan town that provides tourists with all types of amenities. As per your budget, you can get budget hotels and luxury accommodations also. Book a Gangtok holiday package to enjoy some vibrant night clubs, cyber cafes, and shopping complexes.

9. Kerala Honeymoon Package

A Kerala honeymoon package is pure bliss for a happy newly married couple. God's Own Country has some awesome places to explore and spend an exotic honeymoon trip. It is definitely a beautiful and quiet place to be selected by couples who want a budget honeymoon trip. Kerala is a place that provides with an incredible variety of pleasure, entertainment and there is always a package that meets everybody's requirement. The sunny beach of Kovalam is a great attraction for couples. Munnar is another place, famous for its breathtaking beauty. Houseboats and tree houses give an ideal romantic ambiance to the newlyweds.

10. Rajasthan Tour Package

Rajasthan is a place famous for its interesting and colorful history of Afghans, Mughals, and Maharajas of Rajasthan and their ruled time. It's a popular tourist destination that tells the stories of great legends, their adventures, bravery, and romance. It's the birthplace of many great people about whom we have learned from our textbooks. In case you are willing to go on a trip that gives you a diversity of ancient culture and royal ambiance but everything just on your preferred budget, Rajasthan is definitely a place to visit.

So, these are the top 10 domestic and International budget tour packages that can fulfill your travel thirsts. Prior to booking with a holiday company, make sure to check its reputation and reliability. Weather is a primary thing while booking a destination. Moreover, don't forget to check the flight's availability and connectivity before planning for a trip. Narrow down a list of hotels according to your budget. Check whether the itinerary offered by a tour company meets your need or not. To budget your holiday, you should know what contains the inclusions as well.
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