Learn To Attract Women Preparing For The Approach

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The First step when mentally preparing for the "task" of actually going out and meeting women is to think of the absolute worst that can happen. The absolute worst thing that will happen is she says something like "get lost loser". Now the chances of her saying this are very slim. If she’s not interested she’ll be more likely to say something like, "I have a boyfriend" or she’ll just try to ignore you and turn to talk to her friends.

So – now that you have a clear vision of the worst thing that can happen, say to yourself, "If that does happen, I can handle it. I can walk away with my pride intact. I know that if she disses me, it’s some problem with her, not me. She probably has some rule about not meeting guys in bars or she really does have a boyfriend, or she just came out of a bad relationship and isn’t in the mood to meet someone – but either way, "I’m a man and I can handle anything she will say to me!"

Right before you approach a woman you need to get any thought that she might reject you out of your mind. Tell yourself that you are the best thing that will happen to this girl all day. Literally say to yourself, "I am an attractive, amazing guy and this girl should be honored to meet me".

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